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    It’s our people that make AES a great place to work

    AES people around the world share a passion for improving lives and creating a greener, smarter energy future. With their innovative spirit and commitment to our values, our people are working around the clock with our stakeholders to create award-winning energy solutions.



    Meet the people working together to accelerate the future of energy.


    Martín Moises Guttfleisch
    Martín works in the engineering department based in the City of San Nicolás.

    Leidy Casanova

    Leidy Casanova
    I am so happy and grateful to work in a company where its main value is "Safety First". I am proud of the culture, cooperation, coordination and collaboration that we live out at AES. Thanks to these values, we will be able to overcome this unfortunate event, the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Fernando Manzoni2

    Fernando Manzoni

    Fernando Manzoni, medic at AES Argentina, is in charge of the Occupational Health area of all the plants located in the country.

    Natalia Di Martino

    Natalia Di Martino

    Natalia Di Martino began her career at AES in 2014. She says, "My first position was as a Junior Accounts Payable Analyst, an area where I learned many things, and in a great working environment. This experience helped me to grow so much that after a year and a half, I became part of the Treasury department, also as a Junior Analyst.


    Matias Ezequiel Tielli2

    Matías Ezequiel Tielli


    Matías works in the Planning and Maintenance team of the San Nicolás thermal power plant.


    Luciana Velazquez Mestica

    Luciana Velazquez Mestica


    Luciana joined the AES Argentina team in 2020 and performs tasks in the maintenance area of the Alicura hydroelectric plant.


    Luciana Lujan Morzoli Capozucca

    Luciana Lujan Morzoli Capozucca


    Luciana works in Commercial Management at AES Argentina.


    Diego Enrique Macaya

    Diego Enrique Macaya


    “I have been working in Alicúra for more than twelve years, and I work in the electrical maintenance area. I have been involved in some complex problems at the plant, like when the Cordón Caulle Puyehue volcano erupted, but this year was the most difficult for all of us as we had to learn to work in a very different way.


    Roque Ramos

    Roque Ramos

    Roque Ramos has a long history at AES and vast experience working in hydroelectric generation plants.

    Gisele Radke Dyba

    Gisele Radke Dyba

    Gisele Radke Dyba is member of the AES team in San Nicolás. In her duties as an Operational Control Specialist, Gisele monitors the performance and performance of generating units, prepares and analyzes operational reports, performs fault reports and participates in plant audits.



    Diversity, inclusion & belonging

    At AES, we believe respecting all backgrounds, differences and perspectives enables us to improve the lives of our people, customers, suppliers, contractors and the communities in which we live, work and serve. We believe an inclusive environment where people show empathy and work together to innovate and co-create solutions benefits society, our stakeholders and our business. We believe the strength of an organization and its sustainability comes through diversity, inclusion and belonging.


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