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Forestry projects

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At AES Argentina, our efforts are focused on community development, caring for the environment, promoting operational safety and building valuable relationships with our customers, people and stakeholders. For this reason, we committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and incorporating them into the construction of the 2030 agenda for Argentina.

We have a strong commitment to developing the communities where we work. We participate in different programs with key local actors in order to comprehensively respond to their needs with a strategy that reduces the carbon footprint, promotes the responsible management of natural resources and supports health, nutrition, education and environmental-responsibility.

At AES Argentina, we understand the importance of conserving biodiversity. That's is why we work to preserve and maintain the natural environments in the areas where we operate.

We contribute financing to the Tres Picos "Afforestation Program"and have donated and planted 200 native trees from three different species, ash, crape myrtles, and liquidámbar, that meet the need for afforestation at the entrance to Tres Picos, the town neighboring the Vientos Bonaerenses wind farm.

Similarly, within the framework of the restoration and revegetation plan of the areas accessed during the construction of the wind farm, the cultivation of native plants was promoted in a rural school located in the district. This partnership between AES Argentina and the school makes it possible to transform a productive project into an opportunity to learn key concepts and values about environmental education and biodiversity conservation.