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    Our history

    people - 2 workers looking at laptop in front of windmills at sunset Our history

    A history of accelerating the future of energy, together

    From its founding and to today, AES has led lasting positive change in the energy sector based on its stakeholders’ most critical needs.

    San Nicolás


    • 1993: The AES Corporation acquires the San Nicolás thermal energy generation plant.
    • 1995: Concession of the El Tunal and Cabra Corral plants.
    • 1996: Sarmiento thermal energy plant acquired.
    • 1996: Ullum hydropower facility concession.
    • 1999: Thermal energy plants Termoandes and Interandes began operations.


    • 2000: Alicura hydropower plant concession.
    • 2001: AES Paraná thermal energy plant began operations.


    • 2010: San Martin and Belgrano thermal power plants began operations.
    • 2016: Guillermo Brown thermal plant began operations.
    • 2019: Vientos Bonaerenses wind farm and CTSN battery energy storage system began operations.


    • 2020: Vientos Neuquinos I wind farm began operations.
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