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    A sustainable future

    Message from the President of AES Argentina

    At AES Argentina, we see a local market with great potential in renewable energy, and we are committed to supporting the country in its clean energy transition.

    Martin Genesio

    Martín Genesio

    President of AES Argentina

    At AES Argentina, we see a local market with great potential in renewable energy, and we are committed to supporting the country in its clean energy transition.

    In line with AES' commitment to reduce its global carbon footprint by 70% by 2023 compared to 2016 level, we have defined a local strategy that is leading the renewable term market with 34% of the market share, excluding self-generation firms. We achieved this goal in 2020 after inaugurating a combined 200 MW of clean energy through the Vientos Bonaerenses and Vientos Neuquinos wind farms.

    As we work together to accelerate Argentina’s transition, we’ve implemented a holistic approach that integrates safety, corporate social responsibility and an environmental management program that ensures full compliance with regulatory requirements and identifies areas for continuous environmental improvement.

    Safety is our number value at AES. We have implemented a world-class safety program to protect our people, contractor and communities where we operate, and we’ve nurtured a culture where every person has the power to stop work if they notice unsafe conditions.

    Another top priority at AES is corporate social responsibility. We are here to serve the communities where we operate, and so we seek to establish permanent relationships through the creation of social responsibility initiatives and development actions, including supporting low-income families and children, providing food assistance to educational institutions with limited resources, and implementing programs in local schools to educate on electrical safety.

    Through our commitments to Argentina and its people, we will accelerate a greener energy future, together.

    Port Bonython Rollout Birdseye

    For the planet

    Accelerating clean growth and innovation

    Growth in renewables and energy storage is core to AES’ strategy.

    Vientos Bonaerenses
    aes argentina team

    For our people

    Bringing our people together for greater impact

    Our people are passionate about meeting the world’s current and future energy needs.

    adult reading with child

    For our communities

    Partnering with communities for the future of energy

    We commit to strengthening positive impact through socioeconomic and environmental partnerships that improve lives today and in the future.

    kids learning

    Our sustainability goals

    coal icon

    Reduce pro-forma generation from coal to below 10% of portfolio by 2025

    AES Icon for green energy: grey leaf surrounded by AES colors

    Achieve net zero carbon emissions from electricity by 2040

    AES Icon for Green Growth : leaf image composed of AES colors

    Add 3-4 GW of wind, solar and energy storage per year


    Reduce carbon intensity 50% by 2022 and 70% by 2030 versus 2016 levels

    Pro-forma based on annual generation in MWh from the portfolio as of, or expected by, the relevant date, adjusted for: (i) (+) generation from new assets added to the portfolio; and (ii) (-) actual generation from announced asset sales or retirements.

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