“Pursuant to an exchange offer by AES Argentina Generación S.A. ( the “Company”), on August 30, 2023 certain holders of the Company’s outstanding 7.750% Senior Notes due 2024 exchanged their notes for (i) the Company’s newly issued 9.50% Notes due 2027 (the “New Notes”) or (ii) a combination of New Notes and cash, as applicable. The Company intends to treat the exchange of the 7.750% Senior Notes for New Notes as a “significant modification” for U.S. federal income tax purposes. The Company has determined that issue price of the New Notes for U.S. federal income tax purposes is $870 per $1,000 face amount of such notes (or 87%), which is the average of the bid and ask quotes for the New Notes as of September 7, 2023, the earliest date after the date of the exchange for which price quotes were publicly available (in the absence of any reported actual sales of the New Notes during the reference period). The Company’s determination regarding the issue price is binding on a holder unless the holder explicitly discloses, in the manner described in applicable Treasury regulations, that its determination is different from the Company’s determination.”