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August 10, 2020

AES Argentina was recognized with the Fortuna Award as the “Best Electricity Company” in the country

June 9, 2020

AES Argentina inaugurates Vientos Neuquinos wind farm

February 17, 2020

AES Argentina contributes to the sustainable development of the country with the issue of the first green bond in the primary market

April 24, 2019

AES Argentina is positioned as a leader in the provision of renewable energy

April 5, 2018

AES Argentina faces the objective of building its first wind farm in the country

March 21, 2018

AES Argentina acquires a wind farm in the province of Buenos Aires

January 29, 2018

Siemens and AES create SunFlex Energy Storage

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December 09, 2021

Electricity: Argentina has the greatest potential, but is hampered by subsidies

December 08, 2021

Energy generation, axis of the debate on the possible future of a key sector

December 06, 2021

Vaca Muerta: the two factors that the country needs to resolve to exploit oil

December 06, 2021
Diario Rio Negro

Which is the wind farm in the region that produces the most

November 30, 2021

For energy companies, Argentina has great potential in the transition towards renewables

October 29, 2021
Bloomberg línea

Green hydrogen: Argentina seeks to capitalize on the world's interest

October 25, 2021
El Cronista

The vision of the leaders 2022

October 01, 2021
Ambito Financiero

The CEO's view of the current reality and its challenges

September 30, 2021
La Mañana de Neuquén

Martín Genesio: "The Vientos Neuquinos´s wind farm powers 16 industries"

September 28, 2021
Diario Rio Negro

AES Argentina: "We are prepared for when there are conditions to invest"

September 24, 2021

Why Argentina can be "the Saudi Arabia" of renewable energy, according to the CEO of AES Argentina

September 08, 2021

How the essential companies did to continue working in pandemic

(AES Argentina - Brand Content)

September 06, 2021
Ambito Financiero

The 40 Argentine companies that best take care of their employees

August 22, 2021

Martín Genesio, from AES: "Argentina is the country with the greatest energy potential in the world"

August 06, 2021

Joe Biden's envoy met with executives of US companies in "key" sectors

July 27, 2021

"Argentina is the country with the greatest energy potential in the world"

July 19, 2021
Ambito Financiero

"How to develop the energy potential of Argentina"

July 13, 2021
Prensa Energética

"We are focused on accelerating a more sustainable energy future"

July 5, 2021
El Cronista

The trend is the generation of green companies

June 26, 2021
La Mañana de Neuquén 

The renewables market seeks to take flight

June 26, 2021
El Cronista

Renewable energies: clear rules and stability, two key factors for development

June 18, 2021

How to plan with COVID lurking

May 30, 2021
El Cronista

Martín Genesio, from AES Argentina: "The problem is not the rates, but an expensive system because it is inefficient"

May 18, 2021
Ambito Financiero

Clean energy must be policy of state

May 17, 2021
Ambito Financiero

Hydrocarbon and renewable energy companies are already preparing for the post-pandemic

May 17, 2021
Ambito Financiero

Energy sector: opportunities and challenges in an unprecedented context

May 13, 2021
El Cronista

Renewable energy investment fell and the answers are blowing in the wind

May 5, 2021
Ambito Financiero

New corporate identity: AES Argentina

March 3, 2021

The 50 best places to work in Argentina

June 10, 2020

AES inaugurated Vientos Neuquinos wind farm in Neuquén

May 13, 2020
Ambito Financiero

Argentina's potential in clean energy is unique

February 02, 2020

AES issued the first green bond in the Argentine market

May 24, 2019
Diario Rio Negro

150 workers will be summoned for the construction of wind farms

May 24, 2019
Diario Rio Negro

150 workers will be summoned for the construction of wind farms

May 05, 2019
Diario Rio Negro

The winds of the region will push the industries

May 05, 2019
El Cronista

AES bet US $ 250 million to be the leader in the renewable term market

February 18, 2019

What is sustainable finance and why should it grow in Argentina?

December 08, 2021

The world to come: Electricity consumption

September 30, 2021
TELEFE Neuquén

One year into operation of the first wind farm in Neuquén

July 11, 2021

Program: Argentina´s Energy - The debate

June 25, 2021
El Cronista

Event: 4th Energy Summit

June 16, 2021

Event: Forbes CEO Summit

October 1, 2020
Human with Resources

Interview with Martín Genesio - President of AES Argentina

June 30, 2020

Interview with Martín Genesio - President of AES Argentina - Efficiency of the Energy Sector

August 28, 2017

Interview with Martín Genesio - President of AES Argentina - Council of the Americas 2017