New technology offers to eliminate solar variability and increases solar power generation by 50 percent.

Siemens and AES create SunFlex Energy Storage

January 29, 2018

Buenos Aires - Fluence, a Siemens energy storage company and The AES Corporation, announced the creation of a new technology platform, called SunFlex Energy Storage, which will improve and expand photovoltaic solar power generation capabilities.

The company's energy storage technology platform will facilitate the sale of 50 percent more clean energy per site and eliminate solar variability during the day; for example, that caused by the passage of clouds. In turn, it will expand the power supply towards the night, creating an on-demand solar resource.

"Nowadays, energy storage and solar energy are the most economical ways to supply energy to a number of markets, and will reach economic parity in many other countries in the next five years," said Stephen Coughlin, President and CEO. Fluence executive. "With Fluence's SunFlex Energy Storage platform, customers can now offer abundant, low-cost, clean solar power on demand, day or night,", he added.

With Fluence's new technology platform, solar power can be delivered when it's needed most, and not just when it's available. This will capture solar energy that would otherwise be lost during peak solar hours of the day, and increase the volume of energy supplied from a single site by up to 50 percent, allowing developers add more solar panels without having the cost of changing their interconnect. In addition, the new platform will improve the stability of the plant by facilitating and limiting the acceleration of solar production and, in many areas, also simplifies the interconnection process for combined storage and solar energy facilities.

These enhancements are only available from custom energy storage solutions such as the SunFlex Energy Storage platform from Fluence. Such storage will also expand the capacities of solar energy installations by increasing the capacity factor of the plant and adding new sources of revenue from frequency regulation and other grid services.

The President of the Andes region of AES, Javier Giorgio, said that "we are very excited about the new developments that Fluence has created in support of photovoltaic solar energy." Giorgio added that Fluence is the world leader in energy storage, and has great potential to support generation with renewable energy. Once again, AES is at the forefront of innovation and technological developments.

Fluence has nearly 500 MW of energy storage projects installed or awarded. The company combines the experience, talent and support of industry giants and storage market leaders such as Siemens and AES and offers an unrivaled set of energy storage capabilities.