Gisele Radke Dyba

Gisele Radke Dyba is member of the AES Argentina team in San Nicolás. In her duties as an Operational Control Specialist, Gisele monitors the performance and performance of generating units, prepares and analyzes operational reports, performs fault reports and participates in plant audits.

Referring to the pandemic, Dyba says, “Thanks to the digitization of processes and the adaptability that the company has shown, I was able to work from home without sacrificing quality in my performance. The technological tools allowed me to adapt to the challenges this year represented to us all. The most difficult thing, in my case, was being away from the plant. Not being able to be in direct contact with the daily operation of the plant and working face to face with people was difficult. But, after a few weeks, digital communication has become natural for everyone in this new normal".