Guillermo Paponi

Director of Central Complex and Operations

Guillermo directs operations for the ten diverse power generation facilities, including thermal, hydraulic, wind and battery energy storage, to ensure the efficient use of resources and sustainable delivery of energy. The mission of Paponi and his team is to support AES Argentina´s strategy for a greener energy future while complying with current legislation and safety standards and supporting the well-being of the communities where we operate in line with company values.

Paponi has served in numerous roles at AES Argentina since the early 1990s when he joined as an Operation Technical Control Engineer after the acquisition of the San Nicolás thermal power plant. Since then, he has served as Chief of Operations, Leader of Boilers, Operations Manager of CTSN-Paraná and Manager of the San Nicolás plant. Prior to joining AES Argentina, Guillermo worked with Agua y Energía Eléctrica Sociedad del Estado in a diverse set of areas, including plant maintenance, performance statistics and maintenance management, and as a teacher at the National Technological University San Nicolás Regional School and at the Secretariat for University Affairs.

Paponi graduated from UTN - FRSN as a Mechanical Engineer with a Thermo-Mechanical orientation and received his graduate degree in Management Engineering.