Iván Durontó

General Director, Legal Affairs and Regulations

Iván leads AES Argentina’s efforts to maintain the highest legal and ethical standards throughout the company’s diverse businesses. He is responsible for leading legal efforts and ensuring compliance with all regulations to ensure the successful execution of AES’ strategy across all its business.

Since 2002, Iván has been providing legal advice to AES Argentina businesses, starting as a lawyer for the businesses in the electricity distribution sector, including EDELAP, EDEN and EDES. In 2006, Iván joined the generation businesses as Manager of Legal Affairs, and moved into his current role in 2012.

Before joining AES Argentina, Iván worked as an associate at Klein & Franco Abogados.

Durontó graduated from the University of Buenos Aires as a Lawyer and received a master’s degree in Business Law from Austral University. He completed postgraduate studies in finance at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.