For AES Argentina, education is the basis for societal development. In 2011, the team began an initiative to hold educational workshops and share their energy knowledge and raise awareness in sustainable development. This initiative aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) on “Quality education”.

These workshops, which continue to be carried out today, consist of a volunteer activity that involves visiting an educational institution and introducing students to topics such as power generation, safety in their homes, public roads, and rational use of energy, while tailoring the content to various educational levels.

Through the same volunteer program, AES Argentina engages with the local communities by welcoming teachers and students from the high school, tertiary school and university in its facilities with the goal of providing an inside look into the company and adding valuable content to their education curriculum.

During the visit, the students attend a presentation and then are taken on a guided tour of the plant to more fully understand what they learned during the education presentation.