Luciana Lujan Morzoli Capozucca

Luciana works in Commercial Management at AES Argentina.

Luciana says, "I was born in Venezuela, where my parents were working at the time. With me, as a baby, they decided to leave a country they loved and return to beautiful Argentina. I studied Industrial Engineering at the UTN of San Nicolas, and while I was in the third year of my degree, a professor offered me to start an internship at AES' thermal power plant. In this way, I started working at AES in 2006, having just turned 21, in the Supply area. I will always be grateful to the Supply group for teaching me how to take my first steps in my career. I worked with them for seven years until in 2013, I applied to the Commercial team where I am working today.

2020, in my case, is a year of many challenges. Not only because of the pandemic, but also for personal reasons. Since December 31, 2019, I am in charge of the care of my mother who underwent an operation. As an only daughter, I assumed this role cast with my parents. This was much easier thanks to the support I received from my people at AES Argentina, and also paradoxically, quarantine, which gave me the opportunity to live with, take care of and protect them, and enjoy many good moments with them daily.

Among my tasks as the Energy Movement Administrator is the monitoring of economic transactions with CAMMESA and the accounting closing of AES Argentina Generación. It is necessary to recognize that with this new mode of remote work, I feel that we have much closer relationships and more pleasant treatment in our interactions. We always take into consideration even the most imponderable events and challenges, and we always look for the best way to solve them."