Martín Moises Guttfleisch

Martín works in the engineering department based in the City of San Nicolás.

“I started working at AES Argentina in 2006. Since then, the challenges have not stopped coming. Always having the possibility to learn, grow and give the best of myself to obtain the best results. The company provides us with all the tools and support necessary to perform our activities with excellence, while always putting safety first.

I am proud of the changes the company is making. The digitalization of the company and the transformation towards renewable energy motivates us to continue learning, innovating and working to provide the best service to our customers.

The pandemic taught us that everything is possible. The transition to remote work undoubtedly showed us that the path we had taken was the right one; everything was very simple, more than many of us expected.

In particular, I cannot stop thanking the company since it allowed me to work on a personal issue that I had relegated. In one of [the Health and Wellness sessions led by] Andrés Gluski's in June where Dario Diaz, an expert in training and nutrition, participated as a guest, I heard for the first time about the 'Intermittent Fasting' method. Thanks to this method, over the course of five months I have managed to lose weight and improve my quality of life by a lot. These are the things that make me proud and grateful to be working at AES Argentina.”