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AES Argentina carries out projects in line with CONIN guidance to promote the well-being of the communities we serve and collaborate with public welfare entities to meet various needs. Manos que Dan in San Nicolás and the Nutrir Foundation in Salta are family assistance centers that follow CONIN guidelines.

CONIN, whose founder is Dr. Abel Albino in Argentina, is a socio-educational project that seeks to strengthen cognitive development in children from pregnancy to adulthood by providing training and tools so each child can design their own future.

AES Argentina Complejo Norte sends a monthly donation to Nutrir Foundation dedicated to the administration of its nutritional centers and to the incorporation of CONIN program of children and families affected by malnutrition or are in high-risk social settings.

At the same time, AES Argentina Complejo Centro contributed funds to improve the infrastructure of Manos que Dan, where the CONIN center in San Nicolás operates, participated as a sponsor in fundraising events and donated technological material to help support its educational initiatives.