Roque Ramos

Roque Ramos has a long history at AES and vast experience working in hydroelectric generation plants.

Ramos says, “December 1, 2020 marked the 25th anniversary of the start of AES activities as operator of the Cabra Corral and El Tunal hydroelectric power plants. I started as an electrician during the last stage of commissioning of the El Tunal plant, and then later fulfilled tasks within the Operation and Maintenance areas. Having worked for the company for so many years, I know most of the AES plants in Argentina, and I see that we operate them with the same sense of pride by providing a safe place to work and a good work environment.

I live in Jujuy with my wife and four children, who I see on weekends. Unlike many others, COVID-19 allowed me to enjoy my family for several months due to the sanitary restrictions that limited movement from one province to another.

In any case, COVID-19 represented a great challenge in terms of being able to continue fulfilling my obligations from a distance. On the other hand, the pandemic also reflected the excellent work carried out by the company. We kept the equipment in good operating condition to sustain us through the entirety time of the pandemic while restricting access to the plants to only essential people.